Child Learning Centre (CLC)

Child Learning Centre (CLC)


Child Learning Centre at
Ganeshpuri Quarry Area near Ulve village on 10.07.2016

A new Child Learning Centre (CLC)  with about 28 children was Inaugurated at Ganeshpuri Quarry Area near Ulve village. Inauguration was done by our Charter President Rtn.Dilip Chaudhari. 25 chairs have been placed in the centre along with all necessary items like slates, slate pencils, drawing books, charts, black board, chalk etc. Shoes for children & uniforms will be given in due course

Child Learning Centre at Ganeshnagar, Pawne on 17.07.2016

A new Child learning centre at Ganeshnagar, Pawne constructed by Rotary club of Navi Mumbai Sunrise with help of Rtn.Prakash was inaugurated on 17.07.2016 with about 26 children.. 25 chairs, and all the required material like drawing books, Slates, Black board, Slate pencils, Chalk, crayons etc were handed over to the children.

Shoes & Uniforms to children will be given in due course.

New  Child Learning Centre at D.R.Quarry, Turbe on 15.08.2016

A new Child Learning Centre at D.R.Quarry, Turbe was inaugurated by our DG. Rtn.Dr.Chandrashekar Kolvekar on 15th August 2016. First lady Ruta was present, AG. Rtn.Dhanapal was special guest on the occasion. About 68 children living within the quarry area will benefit from the CLC. As the strength is huge the centre will run on two shifts, therefore has to be treated as two centres. Two different teachers are appointed who will work in two different shifts. During the inauguration DG distributed the books set along with the slate & slate pencils to children. Black boards were also given to the centre. A pair of shoes were distributed to children. Uniforms to children will be given in due course. Mid day meals are being arranged to all children in the centre on all working days.


  1. Rapid Growth in Navi Mumbai has also brought with it a large population of poorer migrant workers resulting in mushrooming of slums. The children of these migrant populations have been most severely affected through education deprivation. The absence of schools in or close to hamlets has led to profound gaps in educational opportunity. Migrant children between 3 to 10 years of age do not attend primary school. In April 2015 RCNM Sunrise organized a Fund raising Musical Event to help start Child Learning centres (CLC) within these hamlets for the education of these young migrant labourers / tribal children as a pilot project. Two CLCs have been started this year, in partnership with AdarshSevaSahyogSansthan, as given below:
  • The first CLC under the Migratory Workers Children Education Scheme was inaugurated on 6th August 2015 at Anand Nagar, Turbhe.
  • The second CLC under the Migratory Workers Children Education was inaugurated on 12th August 2015 at Gholwadi village.

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