Rural Development

Smart Village @ Golwadi (more photos will be sent separately)

Check Dam @ Golwadi

RCNMS has built a check dam at the Golwadi village which is on forest land after obtaining the necessary permission from forest dept. The dam is built at a minimal cost by our expert project man   Rtn. Prakash Kakade who has vast experience of handling huge projects at ONGC. (Rtn. Prakash has retired as CGM projects from ONGC). The cost is met from our internal funds. This is the basis for our ambitious project of Tree plantation of 2000 plants which will benefit the villagers improve their earnings and their economic condition. Our club has applied for CSR grants for this project. On 3rd July 2016 both DG.Dr.Chandrashekar Kolvekar & First lady Ruta have inaugurated the dam & addressed the villagers. Our water man Rtn.Hemant Jagtap was also present.

Tree plantation project for providing employment  @ Golwadi

On 3rd July 2016 DG.Dr.Chandrashekar Kolvekar inaugurated our tree plantation project by planting a Mango tree adjacent to the check dam. A total of 2000 tree are being planted mostly containing the fruit bearing where the villagers can benefit for improving their economic condition. Good amount of Bamboo trees are also being planted to help the villagers make some handicrafts which will be sold by the club through NGOS. The village is in forest area and the whole village is residence for the tribal people, it is about 2.5 KMS from Kharghar but the condition of the villagers is very pathetic. RCNMS had adopted this village & have long term plans to transform the village as a smart village

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